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Shugetsu’s Signature Menu
Tukemen & Abura Soba


Shugetsu is a Japanese Tsukemen and Ramen restaurant originated in EHIME, Japan.

Our signature dishes are Tsukemen and Abura Soba. These products have been developed with our special knowledge and techniques acquired with our long-time experience. Please enjoy our signatures!



Our ramen broth is based on chicken. Additionally, dried seafood such as sardine, mackerel, and scallop flavored oil create the multiple layers of Umami in the ramen soup. Also, Kajita Shoten’s special soy sauce makes the ramen soup richer and tasty.



Tsukemen means dipping noodles with the soup. So, the noodles and soup are served separately. At Shugetsu, you can choose the noodle’s amount from 7oz to 18oz for the same price. While ramen noodles are enjoyed as a total combination of soup and noodles, Tsukemen was created to enjoy the noodles themselves, including flavor, texture and chewiness. It is the best-selling product at our headquarters in Japan.
Abura Soba 400 x 265

Abura Soba

In Japanese, “abura” means oil, and “soba” means noodles. So “Abura Soba” literally represents the oil noodles. Abura Soba is a type of ramen without the soup and mixing all ingredients when eating. By mixing our special soy sauce, scallop flavored oil, and fish powder with our homemade noodles, you will be able to fully enjoy the flavor and texture of our noodles.

Our Quality

Shugetsu directly imports most of the main ingredients from Japan because we would like to serve exactly the same dishes as ones we are serving in Japan. The imported ingredients we use are incredibly special and unique in many ways.

Shugetsu Original
Ramen Noodles

Shugetsu uses our original wheat flour for our noodles directly imported from HOKKAIDO, Japan.
This wheat flour is originally used for Japanese UDON and it will make the noodle texture chewy and sticky.
Also, we created the Tsukemen and Ramen noodle recipe to have both chewiness and stickiness at the same time, which is a very important aspect of Tsukemen.
We make our noodles in restaurants every day, which enables us to have full control of quality over our noodles.

Kajita Soy Sauce

Shugetsu Original Soup

Kajita Soy Sauce

Shugetsu uses Kajita Soy Sauce.

Kajita soy sauce is located in Ozu City, Ehime, Japan. They have been manufacturing their special soy sauce for more than 150 years, and they are still brewing soy sauce in the same way as they did 150 years ago. The products are all handmade with their traditional style.

In general, big brand soy sauce manufacturers take 6 months to produce their soy sauce. However, Kajita Soy Sauce takes 18 months including the aging process. This aging period provides our ramen soup the richness and tasty flavor.

Please enjoy our full UMAMI from the soy sauce used in our soup.

Dried sardine, mackerel, kombu

Dried Sardine and Mackerel, and Scallop powder

Dried seafood is one of the most famous ingredients to make soup in Japan.

Adding dried fish powder to our soup base made with chicken enables the flavor of our soup to multiply because chicken and fish have different types of UMAMI.


About Tsukemen

Tsukemen, a dipping noodles, is our signature dish. Approximately 70 years ago, Tsukemen was invented as a staff meal by Mr. Yamagishi who is the owner of Taishoken located in Higashi-Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Tsukemen got popular in the early 2000s and is now widely recognized as a famous ramen dish in Japan.
While the main focus of enjoying ramen is to enjoy the soup and noodles together as a whole, the focus of Tsukemen is to enjoy the taste and texture of the noodles themselves.
That’s why, we, Shugetsu, make our noodles in our restaurant every day.
In making homemade noodles, we can not only control the quality, freshness and chewiness, but also add the non-preservatives in our noodles.
Also, it is important to age noodles in order to enhance the flavor of Tsukemen noodles.
Our noodles are aged for at least 24 hours before serving to the customers.

Shugetsu Promises “NO MSG”


We don’t use MSG in our products. NO MSG is not something special we care about, but it is a minimum requirement for us.

Our founder Nakagawa believes that our noodles should be naturally safe and reliable. Although it was and is common to use MSG for ramen products, the founder Nakagawa pursued to create excellent quality ramen recipes without MSG. He noticed that MSG is not required to make delicious ramen soup as a result.

We would like to serve our Ramen and Tsukemen safely and reliably.

The Michelin Guide
In Hong Kong and Macau


The Michelin Guide in Hong Kong and Macau

Since 2014, Shugetsu Hong Kong Central and Quarry Bay have been listed in The Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macau as recommended restaurants.

Ramen Noodle
soup filtering
Special soy sauce from Kajita

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